In 2018, Vomela launched their CARE program throughout all of the Vomela Companies nationwide. CARE, which stands for Commitment, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence, are a set of values to guide employees to work and live by.

We Commit to understanding and meeting our customer’s needs. We hold each other Accountable for our work across all locations. We Respect one another in a collaborative, fun and fast-paced environment. We Excel and strive for on-time, right the first time innovative solutions.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the CARE program, this year we expanded those values to outside of the workplace and into our communities. A Service aspect of the program was added to unite our employees, customers, and community.

To help launch the new CARES program, Master Print and C2 Maryland partnered with MATTER to bring meals to local children in need. The MATTER box Solution is to provide a box of healthy meals and to people where it is needed most all while educating the importance of nutrition. 

“Our Purpose is Uniting & Inspiring People by What is Possible.”

- Mark Auth, Vomela President & CEO

Employees were able to write a personalized and inspirational note and assemble a kit which included a protein, applesauce, and chips into a bag. Around 200 kits were assembled in the first hour. This was followed by a relay race between Master Print and C2 to see who could package 25 meals the quickest.

400 total kits were delivered to the Lorton Community Action Center the next day to be distributed over the next week to local families in need.

We are proud and thankful to have been able to partner with MATTER and the Lorton Community Action Center to help our community. Our goal is to continue working in our community on an individual and company basis through volunteering, community work, education, and teamwork. 

MATTER box Challenge

MATTER box Challenge complete

assembling meals

sample meal

Vomela CARES

assembling meals 2


MP relay