Virtual Event? Don’t Forget Traditional Mail!

With the threat of COVID-19 still going strong, your company has decided to make your annual event a virtual one. Typically an in-person meeting of hundreds (or even thousands), you’ll now be virtually “meeting” participants and interacting solely through your computer. So to let people know, you only need to send a few emails and call it a day, right?

Wrong. Event marketing for a digital event is critical, and your marketing mix should include direct mail. With businesses reopening weekly, your potential attendees are coming back to the office—where you can reach them with a unique print piece. Direct mail can:

  • Capture their attention. Cutting through the digital clutter these days can be a tough order. Printed direct mail can grab your targeted audience and break through their daily digital routines.
  • Motivate your audience. Use language and images that speak to your audience and tell the story of why they should attend. Persuasive marketing makes a difference!
  • Personalize their experience. Master Print’s digital presses can personalize each and every mail piece so that you are speaking to different segments of your audience with ease. There are so many ways to customize a mail piece—talk to your sales consultant for ideas and recommendations.
  • Direct them online. Provide the details for your attendees to register, access schedule details, and read about featured speakers. Since this information is evolving rapidly, it makes sense to have it web-based.
  • Measure your results. Provide your audience with a code or other metric so that you can measure your response. Taking that one step further, providing each potential attendee a custom URL keeps track of who is interested in attending before they even register. (We can facilitate this through personalization.)
  • Provide a contact person. Attendees should know where to turn if they have questions. If you have too many questions for one person to handle, split your list and have different contact information printed for different members on your list.

Don’t stop at emails for promoting your virtual event. Let your team at Master Print help you design a direct mail piece that will boost attendance and ensure a great event turnout!