Then vs Now: Cutting System

One of Master Print’s core values is to always stay up to date with the technology and equipment in the printing industry. We bought our first cutting system in 1971 when we first opened and since then have purchased new equipment and upgraded our technology so that we can continue to provide the quality of service that our customers have expected from us since our doors first opened.


Back in 1971 we used a 40” Seybold Cutting System. Prior to working on a job a layer of wax was applied to the cutting table to ensure the paper would glide across the table surface. Paper was manually lifted from a skid to the work table by the cutting operator and positioned beneath the guillotine blade. The stack of paper was manually measured and adjusted on the table so that the blade would align with the crop marks. A lever was depressed so that the blade would release and trim the product. The product was then manually re-stacked on a new skid for the next step in the production operation.

Check out this process in the video below.


At the beginning of this summer, Master Print upgraded one of its cutting stations to the Polar Cutting System 200. The operation begins when the paper is automatically raised to via the lift to the height of the table. This reduces the physical workload required by the cutting operator. The stack of paper is then moved to a jogging station where air pockets in the paper are removed by use of air-nozzles and a roller. The product is then moved to the cutting station where the table automatically adjusts it position based on pre-programmed measurements to allow precise cutting on the crop marks. A high speed guillotine blade allows for clean cuts and easy removal of waste. This trimmed stack is then moved to the next station where the product is automatically counted based on the weight of ten sheets to reduce hand work in later production operations. From there, it is then automatically relocated from the table to a new skid while the operator continues production without interruption.

Check out our recent video below of our new cutting equipment to see how we are keeping up with the latest printing technology to better service our customers.