Quick Guide: Adobe Fonts

If you're looking for new fonts for a project, you should check out Adobe Fonts (http://fonts.adobe.com). This app comes free with your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and provides quality fonts at your fingertips. You can choose from thousands of options designed by type foundries all over the world. Adobe even has an in-house type foundry that's been around since long before anyone streamed anything over the internet.

Easy Search Capabilities

Adobe makes it easy to browse fonts and search by keyword. Type in "bubble" to see bubbly fonts. Type in "cheese" and see what happens. Or you can use their filters to search by tags (like western or wedding), classification (like sans serif), properties (thick, thin, etc.), and languages.

You can also choose from expertly-curated font packs to see fonts that work well together. These are assembled by the Adobe Fonts team and some "special guests" like designers and type creators. These packs have a variety of fonts that all mesh well and can help design your entire project from text to headlines and everything in between.

No Legal Worries

Adobe pays royalties on the fonts so that everything you access is cleared for personal and commercial use. It's similar to a music or movie streaming service. With this licensing, you can create digital designs or print work for your own use or for client projects. This includes generating a PDF, EPS file, or bitmapped file such as a JPEG or PNG.

How Do I Install These Fonts?

Instead of the traditional font installation, with Adobe Fonts you "activate" the fonts you want to use. Activating a font makes it appear in the font menu of all your desktop applications, like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. The only thing you’ll need to actually install is the Creative Cloud desktop app. This will manage all the fonts you activate from Adobe Fonts.

Once you have the desktop app installed, navigate to the font you'd like to activate. To the left, you'll see an "Active Font" toggle. Once you switch it on, your font is activated in all of your applications! (You might need to restart your application if you don't see the newly activated fonts.)

Explore Adobe Fonts for your next project and see what you can create!