Printing FAQ's during COVID-19: Part 2

Part Two: Focusing on the Future

As we mentioned, YES we are still open and we are here to help! This week we’re bringing you answers to some common questions we’ve received about printing now for future use. Here are the most common questions we’ve received, but if you have more specific questions please contact your sales representative or call 703-550-9555.

What kinds of projects can I be thinking about printing ahead of time?

Lots of projects have a decent “shelf life” in regards to the timeliness of the information. One of the most stable categories is business collateral. This includes letterhead, note cards, envelopes, invoice shells, and other stationery that includes your business information.

What about items that we need to mail?

Direct mail can also be planned ahead around events or campaigns that you know will be taking place in the future. This includes postcards, brochures, mailers, and more. The U.S. Postal Service is operational and we are working with our mail services daily to ensure the timely distribution of each job.

What about our periodicals, like newsletters and magazines? People are at home and not likely to receive our regular publications.

Our customers have successfully handled this transition by gathering as many home addresses as possible for those in their databases. They are then mailing their products directly to their audience at home. While some customers have tried switching to an emailed PDF instead of a hard copy, their feedback has shown that people value their printed items now more than ever.

I want to manage our collateral print items, but I have many locations to keep track of. Can you help?

We can! We have an e-commerce solution called Storefront that prints and organizes your collateral on-demand. We can even systematically pick and pack orders to distribute kits—whether one kit or thousands—to locations around the country. To discuss creating a storefront for your company, contact your salesperson.

Is there anything else I am missing?

Don’t forget to think about what promotional items you might need in the coming months once things return to (somewhat) normal!