Mailing 101

When starting a direct mail project one of the first things that you will need is a list of the names and addresses that your mailing will be sent to. This is key as you want to target who you are sending your message to; are you talking to your clients or contacts, or do you need to reach out to new people?

If you are looking to reach out to existing contacts, you may already have a mailing list or database. But, is it in the correct format? The recommended way to provide your mailing list is using an excel spreadsheet. Each address should be on its own line within the spreadsheet and all information should be housed in separate cells. This format allows for the information to be easily verified against the US Postal Systems database to confirm the validity of the address, make corrections, and remove any duplicate addresses as needed. This format will also gives the option of customizing how you are presenting the Attention Line and the address block: Mr. Smith v Mr. John Smith v John Smith.

Are you trying to reach out to a new audience? 

You can buy or rent what is called a provider list from companies that collect and sell information about different businesses and recipients. A provider list can help target certain demographics, regions, or consumers based on your needs. Just search online for “mailing lists” to find a company to rent or buy a provider lists from.

Once you have your mail list ready to go, make sure it is up to date by running the list through NCOA and updating any changes in addresses and contacts from previous mailings that you have received feedback on. By doing some cleaning up on the front end it will help cut the costs on printing, processing the mailing list, and with postage.

Let your Account Manager or Sales Representative know any questions you have on a mailing. Need help getting started on your mail list, let us know and we can send you a template!