How Nonprofits Can Leverage Print Projects

Nonprofit associations are known for doing good in the community. They’re also known for operating on a tighter budget. While print projects are often affordable, it can be difficult to convince those holding the purse strings that a printed piece is a better idea than something free, like email. Here are some ways that print can produce great ROI for nonprofits.


When asking people to donate money to a Foundation or other charity, email will not be a strong enough motivator by itself. The clutter of email inboxes allows your message to get lumped in with discounts from retailers—aka junk mail.

Use a printed project to tell a story about the community you are serving. Show vivid photographs of your work in action and follow up with a solid call to action that the recipient can follow up on easily.

Events Marketing

The world of events has changed a lot since the COVID-19 pandemic, with many events going virtual. Some companies choose to advertise virtually, but if you really want to stand out, send a printed item. Even if it’s just a postcard, you’ll separate your association from the rest of the events out there.

Don’t forget about the sponsorship side of events! Colorful infographics are a good way to show conference attendance history, past participation, and other valuable information that will help convince your investors to sponsor your event.


Most associations have some continuing education or accreditation component. Course offerings can be shown online, but it’s easier for some people to peruse a catalog than it is to scroll through endless virtual listings. Consider publishing a list of the most popular courses in print, with a call to action to check out more obscure courses on the website.

These are just a few ideas to get you going! Ask your sales consultant or account manager about some of the nonprofit projects they have worked on. They have samples of previous projects that may help you find a great option for your association!