Direct Mail and COVID-19

Three Reasons to Send Direct Mail During the Coronavirus Self-Quarantine

At Master Print, we are doing our part to minimize the spread of coronavirus by limiting customer contact. We are holding meetings via phone, email, and Skype instead of meeting in person, and we are implementing a central drop-off system with our deliveries. We are also strongly encouraging that our customers review and approve PDF proofs so that we can reduce the number of deliveries that are made.

However, the show must go on—and we are committed to remaining open and operating as normally as possible during this time.

As it turns out, the self-quarantines taking place all around the United States right now might not affect the printing industry as much as some other businesses. Read on to see why direct mail is still a viable option during this time.

1. Coronavirus isn’t easily transmitted through paper.

According to the MIT Technology Review, while the novel coronavirus can survive on cardboard for a full day, the germ must enter through someone’s eyes, nose, or mouth in order to infect them. Long story short: it’s unlikely that the virus would be spread through the mail even if an infected person handled the item.

2. It’s proven: People value things they can touch.

A market study performed by the U.K. Royal Mail service shows that people value something they can see and touch 24% more highly than something they can only see. This means that recipients will value your direct mail offer more than the same offer seen on a screen.

3. Teleworkers have more time to review their mail.

Sure, we live in a digital society and working remotely is keeping businesses alive during this crisis. But employees working from home will be saving time in general (such as commuting time or pickup/drop-off at schools) and will have more time to sit down and look at their mail.

We all know that there is value in sending direct mail—these are just three reasons why it’s still a good idea despite the disruption in business as usual. If you have questions, contact your Master Print sales representative at 703-550-9555 for assistance. 

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