3 Ways Your Printer Can Help Build Your Brand Identity

Whether you are branding a new startup company or rebranding an outdated look for an established business, it's going to be quite a process. Before you even get around to defining visual elements of your brand identity, you'll have a lot of work to do.

Research, research, research: about your own company, about your potential clients, about your competitors, and so on. Then determining positioning and messaging, as well as your brand's unique value proposition. By the time you get to creating a logo and choosing a color palette, you'll probably be jumping to get started with the fun stuff!

You should, however, take just as much time with defining and building your visual brand identity as you have with the rest of your positioning. The tangible elements you use to communicate your brand will represent your philosophy, values, mission, and goals for years to come.

Most companies have designers and marketing professionals either on staff or on contract during a rebrand. But in addition, you should get in touch with your printing vendor to allow them to weigh in on your options for visual branding. Why? Here are three reasons you should let us help.

1. We deal in color every day.

Color has a huge impact on your brand—remember our discussion about Coca-Cola red? You need to consider competitors' brands and color psychology, sure, but you'll also need to think about physical aspects. That's where we come in! We've seen it all, and we know how color translates to print and beyond. Your designer may be in love with a specific hex color, but if it doesn't translate well into print you'll have ongoing issues with color matching. You also have to take into consideration how different paper stocks will affect your color choices.

2. We see (but can't read) legibility issues.

Like color, we see thousands of fonts pass through our print shop daily. There are so many considerations when it comes to selecting a font for brand identity, but one of the most important is legibility. If no one can read what you've chosen, there's quite literally no point in even having it.

Your sales consultant and account manager can help you check different fonts at varying sizes, including for large format use. We can also tell you how compatible a certain font is with several types of technical systems. (Although if you stick with creating PDFs, most fonts are fine for printing.)

3. Visual channels have evolved.

The medium is the message—this holds true even as technology has exploded since Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase in 1964. Your visual brand identity is going to appear in many different media throughout its "lifetime." From the simple (but important!) collateral like business cards to slightly more complex jobs like signs and promotional items, we can help guide you.

Will this logo be legible on a cup? What will that option look like as a banner? Can this color connect our website and mobile apps to our print collateral? Your printing partner can help with these questions and more. Contact your representative for expert advice!