5 Ways to Stick to your Print Budget

With every print job, there’s going to be a budget. Whether large or small, you’ll have constraints that you need to work with in order to keep your superiors happy. Not only that, but if you come in under budget, you’ll be a hero! So what’s the best way to make your job happen in the most economical way?

1. Manage expectations

Because most of us have superiors to answer to, we often find ourselves catering to others’ wishes when it comes to our projects. By managing their expectations of what is realistic in relation to your budget, you’ll save yourself time and money when making plans.

2. Plan it out

In real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. In printing, it’s all about planning, planning, planning. Making smart decisions up front will allow you to adjust your design (and manage those expectations) to fit your budget constraints.

3. Consider your options

Can you adjust the size of your job to make the most of the sheet size that fits on the press? Would a different paper stock be more economical for the same effect? These are just a couple of things you can consider to bring your costs down.

4. Consult your sales consultant

Your sales consultant is an expert resource available to you, so make sure you get the most information you can while planning. They can provide more options for you to consider, give you information about pricing for different options, and—once again—help manage the expectations of others who might be pressuring you for a different, and more expensive, direction.

5. Minimize corrections

Once your job is in the shop, you might think it’s all done. But what if you need to make a correction? If you make changes, you could incur additional costs on the job. The best course of action is to make sure everyone in your organization has signed off on the job before you submit it for printing, and just use the print proof as a confirmation that your files transferred properly.